This season you will meet some new creatures from the Stone Age Land; Otto the Mudskipper and the Rocking Dino with the coolest slick back! To complement the NEO concept we have also added a small range of educational toys in three different kinds of natural wood. It goes well together with olive green, dark yellow and purple or whatever color you would have in your room.


Aiden city will continue to grow!

We saw the immediate need of Sam, Pat and Jim; the three firefighters working for fire safety in Aiden City. To be honest its mostly cat rescuing going on there, but now and they turn out immediately in a fire emergency. We like public transport so all the Aiden citizens got a brand new double decker with room for seven passengers and the singing bus driver Liv. 


Some 70´vibe with intense colours is a source of inspiration for the instruments and stove range. Oranges, yellows and warm brown with a hint of purples. The pinkish tones become start to lean more in to the blue side becoming almost lilac. 
I hope you will like what you see ! All the best
/ Lotta Hallenius, Designer Kid´s Concept








Autumn news




Strong and long lasting.

Producing linen is a more eco-friendly process, meaning it's life cycle has a smaller impact on the environment compared to cotton. Linen yarn has long straight fibers with a smooth surface, resulting in a fabric that is incredibly breathable. The smoothness of the fibers helps the material repel dirt and gives it natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Linen fabric is strong and long lasting - perfect for a baby toy.




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